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How to Buy


To be able to access our offers the first step is to register, is free and entails no obligation on your part.

But I only record I have to because it's free?

NO, because registered users can view parts of the site to which the passing visitor has no access and also receive our offers to you confidential.

the very fact that you give us confidence we have suggests that our own interests whether they be sellers or buyers.

First Steps

If you have registered you have probably noticed that many groups now report the price, while others marked "private agreement"

Are certainly the latest equipment whose value can vary greatly from the state where they are, and the deal makes sense only seeing the object physically.

On the website you can probably already decided by the various photos if the object in question is actually what you are looking for, the next step is to contact through the various systems (telephone, computer, etc..) For more information without obligation, you can request an appointment to view the live object, to remove the last doubts. The material that we can treat the state in which we have been provided, and at worst non-functional, at which point you can also choose whether to purchase the item (the formula seen and liked) or choose the option that best suits you taking advantage of our technical team that will bring the object in the conditions you most like (Refurbished, reconditioned, or simply working).

Important Information

It could happen the inconvenience of having seen the photos on the site of a machine that you are looking for, but then disappear (or simply can not find a particular machine used). It may have been sold? also send a request specifying the characteristics of what you are looking for and our purchasing department will respond as soon as possible, and if you track down what you're interested, we will do our best offer.

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